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 Venus Fly Trap
Real Name: Cassandra MacIntosh
Ring Name: Peyton Royce
DOB: November 10th, 1992
WWE Debut: May 15, 2015
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
Mini Bio: She is known for her work in the Australian independent wrestling promotions including Professional Wrestling Alliance, New Horizons Pro Wrestling, Melbourne City Wrestling, Riot City Wrestling and WRESTLE RAMPAGE. Cassidy has also worked for American professional wrestling promotions SHINE Wrestling and SHIMMER Women Athletes. She is currently signed to WWE, working in its developmental territory NXT under the ring name Peyton Royce. MORE

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WWE Superstars greet fans at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Chil...
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017_HOSP_03292017gd_0130.jpg 019_HOSP_03292017gd_0150.jpg 020_HOSP_03292017gd_0176.jpg

Enzo Amore, Big Cass, Sasha Banks, Sin Cara, Billie Kay, Liv Morgan, Peyton Royce and Dana Warrior visit children and their families at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children during WrestleMania Week.

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WWE Superstars visit the Englewood Neighborhood Center in Orland...
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003_COM_03292017gd_0027.jpg 009_COM_03292017gd_0106.jpg 008_COM_03292017gd_0059.jpg 012_COM_03292017gd_0201.jpg

Mark Henry, Darren Young, Sin Cara, Billie Kay, Liv Morgan and Peyton Royce visit the Englewood Neighborhood Center in Orlando.

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WWE Superstars surprise kids with tickets to WrestleMania 33
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001_MAW_02012017ls_0018.jpg 005_MAW_02012017ls_0034.jpg 020_MAW_02012017ls_0110.jpg 023_MAW_02012017ls_0141.jpg

Three wish recipients from Make-A-Wish Florida were surprised by WWE COO Triple H and NXT Superstars at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Fla., where they learned they’d be attending WrestleMania 33!

Andres, 12, from Melbourne, Fla.; Curtis, 14, from Jacksonville, Fla.; and Brian, 17, from Kissimmee, Fla., toured the Performance Center and met NXT Superstars including Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Roode, Ember Moon and Asuka. They were surprised by Triple H who revealed their wishes to attend WrestleMania will be granted when The Show of Shows comes to their home state on April 2.

Stay tuned to WWECommunity.com for more on WWE’s Road to WrestleMania.

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NXT Winter Haven Meet & Greet 08/04/2016
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Meet and Greet with Peyton Royce, Shane Thorne and Mandy Rose.

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NXT Cocoa M&G 07/23/2016
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Meet and Greet with Peyton Royce, Josh Woods and Billie Kay.

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NXT Largo M&G 06/23/2016
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NXT fans had an opportunity to meet Peyton, Billie Kay and Tino Sabatelli before the show in Largo.

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Live Event Results: UK Tour: Belfast
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Bayley and Carmella beat Nikki Storm and Peyton Royce
“Good match.  Nikki Storm, Peyton’s partner is very well known in Belfast so got a great reception. Peyton came out to a good reception as well. Her physique and costume turned plenty of heads as she looked quite Amazonian. Bayley’s full entrance was a surprise and the crowd was in the palm of her hands so they didn’t stand much chance of winning the crowd against Bayley and Carmella. The match itself didn’t start for a few minutes until the crowd calmed. When it did Peyton was the muscle of the team. Storm got the beating while Royce had to play the heel. Hair pulls and nails on the back were used but the best move was using a choke in the corner. She used her leg and put her foot under Carmella’s throat. While doing this her head was basically touching the mat. Sadly despite Royce and Storm being the aggressors the more experienced pair eventually won when Bayley pinned Storm. It was better than the triple threat later in the evening.” – via psrgame

A very big thank you for the detailed results on the match and be sure to check out their thoughts on the rest of the card by following the source link above.

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NXT Results: January 13th, 2016
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Peyton Royce says she has not been given much of an opportunity in NXT. Tonight, the Venus Fly Trap of NXT will take that opportunity and make it her own.

Match Number Four: Number One Contender Battle Royal (featuring Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Cameron, Deonna Purrazzo, Asuka, Eva Marie, Emma, Carmella, Alexa Bliss, Aliyah, and Liv Morgan)

Everyone is across the ring from Asuka and then Asuka with a round kick to Eva Marie and she goes down and rolls to the floor. Emma with a forearm to Asuka and then they par off. Emma with punches to Asuka. Asuka stays in the ring despite Emma’s attempts. Alexa with a forearm to Peyton. Billie choke Cameron with her boot. Alexa with a chop to Peyton.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Alexa sends Cameron into the turnbuckles. Billie with elbows to Carmella. Liv with shots to Royce to stay in the ring. Emma punches Asuka. Aliyah is eliminated. Royce with a forearm to Liv and she sends her into the turnbuckles. Emma helps Royce try to eliminate Morgan but Morgan gets back into the ring. Deonna goes to the floor when Cameron drops down and she is eliminated.

Cameron with a forearm to Liv. Carmella tries to help Royce eliminate Emma. Morgan kicks Cameron while Billie kicks Asuka. Morgan goes for a power bomb but Cameron stays in the ring and lands awkwardly. Morgan tries to power bomb Cameron over the top rope to the floor but Alexa pushes both of them over the top rope to the floor while Cameron holds on to the ropes.

Emma with DilEmma to Carmella. Emma with a cross body into the corner on Carmella and Carmella rolls to the floor. Alexa with a forearm to Emma’s back. Alexa with a knee to the midsection. Emma tries to slam Alexa over the top rope but Alexa gets back to her feet. Alexa with a sleeper to Emma while Billie kicks Asuka in the corner.

Emma backs Alexa into the turnbuckles. Alexa gets on the turnbuckles and Emma drops Alexa onto the apron and Emma with an elbow to eliminate Alexa. Billie and Peyton attack Emma to determine who is the Top Aussie. Peyton sends Emma into the turnbuckles and then they put Emma on the turnbuckles. Peyton and Billie with forearms but Emma kicks them away.

Asuka with a round kick and Emma is stuck on the top rope but Asuka kicks Emma and she falls to the floor. Asuka holds on to the rope when Billie and Peyton try to eliminate her. Billie and Peyton kicks Asuka and then Billie with an Irish whip to Peyton. Billie goes to the apron and Asuka with an elbow. Peyton and Billie are on the apron and she knocks both of them off the apron with a running butt splash.

Eva eliminates Asuka and everyone freaks out at the fact that Eva might be the number one contender, but Carmella was also on the floor relaxing and she eliminates Eva Marie.

Winner: Camella

We see Bayley watching in the back on a monitor using the viewing angle of a main roster talent.

Bayley comes to the ring and she hugs Carmella.


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NXT Results: December 9th, 2015
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012_NXT_11192015ej_0806-267236725.jpg 014_NXT_11192015ej_0866-2945062709.jpg 015_NXT_11192015ej_0871-3073323081.jpg

Match Number Four: Bayley versus Peyton Royce in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Royce with a side head lock and Royce with an arm drag. Bayley with a waist lock and Peyton with an elbow. Peyton with an Irish whip and Bayley comes off the turnbuckles with an arm drag and elbow into the corner. Royce escapes a slam attempt and she connects with a forearm and a running knee to the head and Royce covers Bayley but she is in the ropes.

Royce with a forearm to the back and she sends Bayley into the turnbuckles and Royce kicks Bayley. Royce chokes Bayley in the corner with her boot. Royce gets a near fall. Royce with a forearm to the back and elbows to the back of the head and shoulders. Royce with a reverse chin lock. Bayley with an arm drag and drop toe hold and punches to the head.

Royce with a spinning heel kick and she gets a near fall. Royce with a punch to the head and forearm to the head but Bayley with forearms of her own. Royce runs into a boot and Bayley with a back elbow off the turnbuckles. Bayley with a bulldog and she gets a near fall. Bayley with a suplex slam and Royce with a jaw breaker and she gets a near fall with a rollup. Bayley with a belly-to-belly suplex for the three count.

Winner: Bayley

After the match, Nia Jax’s music plays and she makes her way onto the stage with Eva Marie.

Eva has something to say and the crowd is very appreciative of that.

Eva tells Bayley that somehow you escaped with the title two weeks ago.

Nia takes the mic and she tells Eva that she does not need her to do the talking for her. Nia tells Bayley that you have been lucky. You are lucky she did not get here sooner. If that happened, you never would have been the NXT Women’s Champion. Nia says she has been destined for greatness since day one. You are looking at the next NXT Champion. Nia tells Bayley she will see her in London.


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