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 Cassie Lee
DOB: November 10th, 1992
WWE Debut: May 15, 2015
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
Mini Bio: She is known for her work in the Australian independent wrestling promotions including Professional Wrestling Alliance, New Horizons Pro Wrestling, Melbourne City Wrestling, Riot City Wrestling and WRESTLE RAMPAGE. Cassidy has also worked for American professional wrestling promotions SHINE Wrestling and SHIMMER Women Athletes. She is currently signed to WWE under the ring name Peyton Royce, performing on the SmackDown brand. MORE
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NXT Results: May 3rd, 2017
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WWE_NXT_2017_05_03_720p_WEB_h264-HEEL_2217.jpg WWE_NXT_2017_05_03_720p_WEB_h264-HEEL_2494.jpg WWE_NXT_2017_05_03_720p_WEB_h264-HEEL_2676.jpg WWE_NXT_2017_05_03_720p_WEB_h264-HEEL_2771.jpg

Match Number Four:  Number One Contender Battle Royal (featuring Aliyah, Ruby Riot, Ember Moon, Nikki Cross, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Lacey Evans, Liv Morgan, Candice LeRae, Rachael Evers, Kimberly Frankele, Sarah Bridges, Bianca Blair, and Sonya Deville)

Victoria Gonzalez grabs Billie and Peyton but they stop her.  Rachael goes after Candice.  Nikki and Ruby battle in the corner.  Candice tries to eliminate Rachael but she stays in the ring.  Lacey tries to eliminate Aliyah, but Aliyah gets Lacey on her shoulders but Lacey stops her.  Sarah tries to eliminate Candice but she stays on the apron and returns to the ring.

Nikki holds on to the turnbuckles to stay in the ring.  Aliyah with a European uppercut to Victoria.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Candice with a forearm to Peyton.  We see footage of Victoria being eliminated by Peyton and Billie.  Bianca Blair is eliminated by Peyton and Billie.  Sarah tries to eliminate Lacey but Lacey holds on to the ropes.  Ember and Aliyah work on Rachael but Rachael stays in the match.

Ruby and Kimberly battle against the ropes but Kimberly stays in the ring.  Aliyah tries to eliminate Peyton and she gets to the apron and rolls back in.  Rachael is sent to the apron by Aliyah and Aliyah drop kicks her off the apron to eliminate her.  Ember battles with Billie and Peyton.  Sarah is eliminated by Liv Morgan after a drop kick to finish up what Evans and DeVille were doing to Sarah.

Deville and Evans are eliminated by Peyton Royce and Evans and Deville push each other on the floor.  Billie saves Peyton from Liv’s attempt to eliminate her.  Kimberly is eliminated by Ruby.  Nikki and Ruby battle in the corner.  Ember picks up Liv while Billie and Peyton work on Candice.  Liv is sent to the apron.  Candice is knocked to the apron and Billie kicks her off to eliminate Candice.

Aliyah with a European uppercut to Nikki but Nikki sends Aliyah to the apron and eliminates Aliyah with a shoulder to the midsection.  Liv with a forearm to Nikki’s back while Billie works over Ember.  Ruby has Peyton on the turnbuckles but Billie makes the save.  Liv works over Nikki.  Ruby holds on to the ropes when Billie and Peyton try to eliminate her.  Ruby holds on and Nikki sends Liv to the apron and knocks her to the floor.

Billie holds Ember for Peyton and Peyton with a punch but Ember with a kick.  Ember sends Billie to the apron and Ember super kicks Billie off the apron to eliminate her.  Peyton sends Ember to the apron and Ember with a shoulder and she pulls Peyton over the top and she sends Peyton to the floor.
We are down to Ruby Riot, Ember Moon, and Nikki Cross.

Nikki with a cross body to Ruby and then Ember drop kicks Nikki and sends her into the turnbuckles.  Nikki gets Ember to the turnbuckles but Ember holds on to the ropes.  Ember hangs from the turnbuckles and Ruby sends Nikki into the turnbuckles.  Ember takes care of Ruby.  Ember goes up top and hits Total Eclipse on Nikki.  Ember tries to pick up Nikki but she cannot lift Nikki.
Ruby tries to eliminate Ember but Ember fights back.  Ember with kicks to Ruby and follows with a handspring forearm in the corner.  Ember goes up top  and Asuka comes and pushes Ember off the turnbuckles.

The referee calls for the bell.

No Contest 

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